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Cobbitty Village Market Day Committee Incorporated

P.O. Box 50 Cobbitty NSW 2570
Phone: 0438 512 728
ABN: 82194635450


Market Operations

Markets held: First Saturday of each month from March to December in the grounds of Cobbitty Public School. (No markets in January or February).

Gates open: 6.00am for regular stallholders. Casual/new stallholders to arrive 7.00am.

Trading hours: 8.00am to 1.00pm

Finances: Cobbitty Markets are a registered charity, run by a volunteer organising committee. All funds raised go to charities, community groups, and local causes.

Stall Requirements

EQUIPMENT: All equipment required for each stall, including gazebos and tables, is to be supplied by stallholders. Gazebos must be firmly attached to the ground with pegs and/or sandbags at all times. Canopies may need to be removed in windy weather. Stallholders are responsible for any damage to product or gazebos related to weather or exposure, and containers and/or covers to protect products from moisture, dust, insects etc. are advised. Being an out-door market, weather is unpredictable.

PRODUCT: Only products approved by the committee for each stall can be sold. Applications to add products to an existing stall can be submitted to the committee via email (with photos if possible) for consideration at the next meeting. There are no exclusive rights to any product type. However, the committee strives to keep a broad product range and minimize duplication.

STALL PACK UP: Stalls are to remain open with stall holders present, until 1.00pm (unless prior committee permission).

FOOD STALLS must have approval from Camden Council to operate at Cobbitty Markets, comply with regulations of NSW Home Businesses and Food Preparation, and hold current Public Liability insurance.

INSURANCE: Food stalls and children’s activity stalls must hold current Public Liability insurance to operate at each market. All other stallholders are strongly encouraged to have their own insurance. All stallholders are responsible for damage to the general public or school property related to their stall equipment and/or product. Stallholders are required to provide insurance details to the committee (via hard copy or email), and keep details updated, or notify if there is no current insurance. Operation of stalls without insurance requires pre-approval and is at the discretion of the committee. Stalls without current insurance, or pre-approval to trade without insurance where applicable, are not able to trade at the market.

CHANGE OF STALL OWNERSHIP: Notification in writing or via email is required for change of stall ownership. New owners must complete the on-line application process on the market website to provide current details, and receive approval, before commencing trading. Any change to product along with stall ownership will be considered a new application.

Stall Fees and Conditions

RENT: To be pre-paid prior to each market via electronic funds transfer (EFT). An invoice will be emailed to you with pre-payment due three business days prior to the market. Permanent sites: single 3x3m ($50), double 3x6m ($90), and limited other sites by arrangement. Power (limited availability): $10 extra. Casual fees: single ($70; for intermittent attendance where available, or for the first 3 consecutive markets before potential permanency.

ABSENCE: Inability to attend a market is to be advised promptly to help with sourcing suitable replacement casual stalls: a reliably full and busy market is more successful. Full stall fees apply for a permanent site if a market is held, unless a Doctors Certificate for ill-health is provided (fees are then waived). Foreseen absences are to be paid AHEAD.

EXTENDED ABSENCE: Permanent sites will be retained for up to 12 months for absence due to illness (with Doctors Certificate; fees are waived). Absence for non-illness, with prior notification and full payment, will retain a permanent site for up to 3 months. Absence for more than 3 months (non-illness) may result in loss of the stall site. Absence without notification for more than one market will result in stall cancellation.

Vehicle Movement

Vehicle movement within stall areas is prohibited from 8am to 1.15pm: this is very important for public safety. Close of trading is signalled at 1pm, but vehicle access is not permitted until 1.15pm (giving time for customers to leave the market area). Barriers preventing vehicle re-entry are to be moved by committee or authorised representatives only.

SITE ACCESS: Vehicles can park briefly adjacent/close to stall sites to load and unload, keeping this time to a minimum and respecting access for other stallholders. Vehicles are to be unloaded quickly and moved promptly before stall set-up and must have left the market area by 8am. Stall equipment/product is to be packed up ready to re-load before vehicle re-entry from 1.15pm.

There is no vehicle access to artificial turf areas, or any COLA areas on school grounds. Any damage to these areas, and associated rectification costs, are the responsibility of the stall holder.

STALL HOLDER PARKING: available in the ‘over-flow’ parking area (on the spare block on the eastern side of the school; access via the main back paddock parking). Ideally no parking on Cobbitty Road, or in the disabled parking spaces within the school grounds (near tennis courts) to leave close parking for market customers.

QUEUEING for 6am GATE OPENING: If arriving before/around 6am join the back of the queue waiting to enter the school grounds (including arrival from Werombi Road end). All cars must obey road rules in front of the school. Cobbitty Road is a busy thoroughfare for trucks and cars and blocking the flow of traffic is illegal and dangerous.

Non-compliance with these important vehicle movement rules, including moving barriers without permission, will result in stall cancellation.

Weather and Market Cancellation

Cancellation of a market may occur in the case of severe recent or forecast rain or unsafe weather conditions. A decision of whether to cancel or continue is made ON THE THURSDAY EVENING prior to each market, giving sufficient notice to stallholders and community groups making/purchasing perishable items. Notification of market cancellation will occur on the market website and phone by 9pm on the Thursday evening preceding a market. Only in extreme unforeseen conditions will a market be cancelled after the preceding Thursday evening, in which case notification will occur on the website, phone and Facebook.

Uncertain Weather?

If weather is uncertain and stallholders have concerns about product damage, the committee understand decisions not to attend/stay at a market. However, if the market is held, stall fees still apply (see Stall Fees and Conditions). Local weather forecasts are important to review, as Cobbitty often doesn’t receive coastal rain. Regular customers also appreciate and support a market that is held reliably. Respect is required to be shown at all times for the committee’s decision to run or cancel a market, whether or not there is agreement with the decision.

Arguing or bullying behaviour directed at the committee over payment of due fees is not acceptable, and stall cancellation may occur.

Remember, Cobbitty Markets is a fund-raising market run by a volunteer committee, and considerable time, effort and expense are already incurred regardless of whether a market is cancelled. Some products/stalls are also more suitable to a variety of weather conditions than others. Stall fees for absence in uncertain/inclement weather are compulsory, as well as being a contribution to a worthy cause.


Garbage bins are supplied by 1st Cobbitty Scouts for disposal of food/beverage waste consumed at the market ONLY. All non-recyclable waste related to running market stalls is the responsibility of stallholders, to be removed from the school grounds at the end of the market, and not to be placed in garbage bins. A fine of $50.00 applies to stallholders not adhering to this rule (which will be given to Cobbitty Scouts who pay by volume for rubbish disposal).

Recycling bins are hired from Camden Council at set-cost to the committee. Recyclable stallholder rubbish can be added to the yellow-lid recycling bins, if space allows, at the end of each market.

School Grounds

Care is to be taken at all times to look after Cobbitty Public School grounds. Stallholders are responsible for any accidental damage to ground surfaces, equipment, trees/plants, buildings or fencing, and are required to report any damage promptly. Smoking is not allowed at any time within the school grounds: customers or stallholders wishing to smoke need to exit the school property, which includes the main playground market stall area. Stall sites are to be left clean and free of rubbish.


Well-behaved socialised dogs, on leads at all times, are welcomed at the market. Owners are responsible for picking up droppings promptly, and for being respectful of other market visitors, especially in crowded areas.


The Cobbitty Market Committee strive to provide a successful, busy, unique and friendly market. We encourage respectful feedback on market operations, in writing or via email if more complex. Expressions of interest for joining the committee are welcomed. Meetings are monthly between markets, and numerous tasks are carried out between and during markets.